Classic Eyelash Extensions - Initial Fill                    $170

This is what we are known for! Top shelf quality individual lashes are adhered and then bonded to your natural lashes for a look that is fresh, flirty, and confident!

Classic Eyelash Extensions - Refill                          $60

Are those beautiful lashes starting to look a little dull? We can fill any gaps that may be starting to appear and make you look fresh and confident again!

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions - Initial Fill                      $225

Not sure if you are ready for volume lashes? This is the perfect combination of classic and volume lashes, adding a dash of extra dimension to take your eyes to the next level!

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions - Refill                           $75

When you start to see signs of your natural growth cycle bringing your lashes down, we will take care of them and get you back to fabulous!

Volume Eyelash Extensions - Initial Fill                    $320

Want something a little bit more? Then you need volume lashes. By adding extra two-six extra dimensions to each lash, volume lashes give a full, fan effect. Perfect for models and those that want to look like them!

Volume Eyelash Extensions - ReFill                        $88

Missing that dramatic, sultry effect because your lashes are getting thin? We can fill any areas that are thinning and make you look like a super model once again!


​Unfortunately not all lashes are created equal. Neither are all lash artists. Because of this, if you are coming to us for a refill and your current set was put on at another studio, we may have to charge an additional fee of $10 to refill your lashes over another person's work. This will depend on the condition of the lashes and quality of the previous work.

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You have probably heard a lot about mink eyelash extensions. While they are the lightest and fluffiest eyelash extensions on the market, they are not the best option for our Florida climate!

The problem with mink lashes is that they lose their curl in high humidity. This leads to needing to purchase and use heated eyelash curlers to get them back into shape. Why would you lose one of the benefits of eyelash extensions by needing to put in a bunch of time every day just to keep them looking amazing?

While we carry and can apply mink lashes, we prefer to use Synthetic Mink. This provides the lightweight properties of mink while giving you the stability to keep their shape, even in humidity. This keeps your eyelashes looking fabulous every day without any work, which is one of the best features of eyelash extensions!

Tired of mascara? Spending time getting your eyes ready while you are driving to work? Want to wake up everyday looking flawless without any of the hassle? Eyelash extensions are the cure for you!

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